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Here at General Contractor License Guide we’ve created an outlet where we share our research and experience with fellow contractors and relative work enthusiasts. We specialize in content surrounding contractor licensing requirements by state, with specific dedication to the following industries: General Contractor Licensing, Electrical Contractor Licensing, and Plumbing Contractor Licensing.

We’ve partnered with CommercialInsurance.net when it comes to all your insurance needs: business insurance, liability insurance, commercial insurance, public liability insurance and more. CommercialInsurance.net is a leading provider of new customers to the insurance industry. The CEO and founder Mark McClure founded CommercialInsurance.net to help small business owners find competitive, relationship-based quotes. Mark and the team have built a culture that believes offline follow-through is the most important fundamental to a good online experience.

CommercialInsurance.net’s FREE insurance quote form is fast and easy to complete, with zero obligation. No matter the insurance you’re seeking: general liability, commercial auto, workers compensation, property insurance, professional liability, and more Commercial Insurance has you covered.