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Licensing and Registration Fees

The following fees are required to be submitted with the license application, based on the classification of the license sought. Refer to the license fees table below:

General Commercial (A,B) $200 $580 $0 $780
Specialty Commercial (C) $100 $480 $0 $580
General Residential (B) $180 $320 $370 $870
Specialty Residential (R) $80 $270 $370 $720
General Dual (KA,KB,KE,KO) $200 $480 $370 $1,050
Specialty Dual (CR) $100 $380 $370 $850

Most general contractors will fall under “General Commercial (A,B)”, however, all license classifications can be found on the license classification requirements page.

These fees do not include any costs associated with Arizona Contractor Bonds, Worker’s Compensation, the cost of liability insurance, or business registration.

Arizona Contractors Exam

PSI Exams will administer both the business management exam and the specific trade exam to the Qualifying Party in question, unless the Qualifying P

arty is eligible for a waiver (in the case of the trade specific exam). Most general contractors will either be completing the trade-specific:

or the

alongside the mandatory:

In either case:

You can register to take these courses via the online portal provided by PSI. Test locations are as follows:


Northern Arizona University
Du Bois Building 64, Room 140
306 E. Pine Knoll Drive
Flagstaff, AZ 86011


Glendale-Arizona Flight Training Center – Glendale Airport
6799 N Glen Harbor Blvd
Glendale, AZ 85307


5727 N. 7th Street, Suite 301
Phoenix, AZ 85014


Discovery Detective Academy
15230 N 75th St. Suite 1005
Scottsdale, AZ 85260


Mill Avenue Business Center
40 W. Baseline Road, Suite 221
Tempe, AZ 85283


2601 N. Campbell Avenue, Suite 201-3
Tucson, AZ 85719


Yuma – Arizona Western College
2020 SE Avenue 8E
Yuma, AZ 85365

You are also able to take this exam from another location by filling out and faxing the Out-of-State Test Request Form. This form, along with more information on the ROC-required exams, plus links to trade-specific content outlines, can be found on the AZ ROC/PSI Candidate Information Bulletin.

Contractors Exam Fees

Exam fees are as follows:

In the event that you must retake either or both of these exams, the fees remain the same.

Arizona Contractors License Application

The License Application can be found on the Arizona ROC License Application & Candidate Information Bulletin page. The essential parts of the Arizona License Application Packet are as follows:

Other supporting documentation might include:

Either send you completed applications by mail to:

Registrar of Contractors

P.O. Box 6748
Phoenix, AZ 85005-6748

or deliver completed applications to:

1700 W. Washington Street
Suite 105
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2812

Once you have completed and sent in your application, you’ll receive a receipt with a pending number on it, which is used to keep track of your application. Invoke that number when you call the ROC if you have any questions on the status of your application.

Arizona Contractor Registration and Permitting Requirements

On top of the Arizona State license registration and other state-specific requirements, local city and county governments may require additional, specific permits or licenses as well. While you’ll want to check with your local municipality, SBA.gov mentions that the most common licenses and permits you might need include:

It’s your responsibility to check with local city and county governments for additional registration and permitting requirements.

Arizona State Business Licenses and Registration

To be eligible to do business in the State of Arizona, you’ll need to register your business with the State, as well as obtain a federal and State Tax ID number.

Arizona Business Registration

To learn more about registering a sole proprietorship, partnerships, limited liability company, or corporations, visit the Arizona Corporation Commission eCorp website. The AZCC also provides resources for those starting their own business in Arizona, which can be found here.

Arizona Tax Identification Numbers and Registration

In order to do business in the State of Arizona, you’ll need to obtain a Federal Employer ID Number (EIN) / Tax ID Number (TIN) from the IRS. Read their directions carefully and fill out the online application to receive your EIN.

After that, you’ll want to apply for the Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT), which is commonly referred to as a sales tax. You can apply for a TPT License via the Arizona Department of Revenue’s website. 

Arizona Workers’ Compensation Insurance Requirements and Forms

Under Arizona law, it is mandatory for employers to secure workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. More information can be found via The Industrial Commission of Arizona Workers’ Compensation FAQ.

More information on obtaining workers’ compensation coverage can be found here.

Arizona Contractor License Lookup and Verification

Using the AZ ROC Contractor Search, you can find out if a contractor’s ROC license is current, as well as see other information related to the license. You can search by entering their 6-digit license number, full name, city, classification, status, and more.

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